Battery & Charger Services Bakersfield CA

Battery & Charger Services In Bakersfield CA 


Prompt and Expert service for your batteries and chargers in Bakersfield, CA.

Gray Lift offers:

  • Complete battery and charger repair
  • Battery and charger service at your location
  • Planned maintenance programs
  • Expert technicians trained in the latest technology



On-Site Service vs. Shop Repair

Depending on the situation, we either dispatch a service technician to make the necessary on-site repairs, or a delivery truck to pick up your ailing battery or charger and install a rental for you to use while we evaluate yours.  A full test report and written reparir proposal will follow, with all repairs guaranteed for one year.


Battery Cleaning Bakersfield, CA

Tired of dealing with acid and corrosion covered batteries?  Let Gray Lift's experienced technicians clean and neutralize your bateries at your location using our portable, self-contained battery cleaning station.  We take the contaminated wash water away with us, so your facility is kept clean and dry, and your company is not exposed to potential EPA liability caused by contaminated wash water run off.  Contact our service department for pricing. Our service techs arrive and inspect, number (when applicable), and clean your batteries without interrupting you plant's day-to-day operations.  This service can be performed at your convenience, 24/7 days a week.


 Battery Recycling Bakersfield, CA

We buy used industrial batteries and chargers! We also buy scrap batteries.   Contact our service department for pricing.


Please use our Service Form or call 800.464.3225 to speak to a Gray Lift Customer Service Specialist about servicing industrial batteries and chargers.




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